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welcome to aviation asset advisors

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IAS closes on Airbus A340-500 for VVIP client

The IAS team closed on an Airbus A-340-500 aircraft it’s now time for the completion. Thanks to my team: Peter, Mike, Manny and Ric we delivered a safe aircraft and a great value to our client.

IAS conducts airliner due diligence

IAS is currently retained to manage an exciting program. We are going to purchase an airliner and place into VVIP service for our client.  This is what we call a from “Concept to Flight program”.  Above are some pictures of our team conducting the logbook and record review as part of the comprehensive due […]

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Cool New Product Alert: Collar Sets for Plantrontics

I tried a great new product on a couple of trips to Europe this week.  I found it really nice to use my Plantronics headset without squeezing my brain.  I guess, I may have a big head….  This collar set will also be great for those pilots concerned about messing their hair.

This is an […]

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Air Force One and Marine One at EWR

We got a bit of an Airshow as our flights where delayed at Newark NJ yesterday.

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Challenger Series Update: Value Business Jet

The Challenger series of aircraft is one of the most successful lines of corporate aircraft.

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AgustaWestland AW-109SP GrandNew

AgustaWestland AW-109SP GrandNew

The GrandNew is the next generation of the proven Grand platform, with a new digital glass-cockpit and a composite material fuselage. The Chelton FlightLogic Synthetic Vision EFIS and a new 4-axis digital duplex autopilot provide the pilots with situational awareness and flight management capabilities never achieved before on the light twin class. […]

Bombardier Global 7000 and 8000

Bombardier proudly announced it’s new Global series aircraft the Global 8000 and 7000 at this years NBAA (National Business Aircraft Association) convention. I was a little disappointed to learn that rather than a clean sheet new aircraft design Bombardier’s answer to the challenge from Gulfstream’s the G650 was simply a stretch and modernization of […]

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Classic Falcon 20 Instrument panel

I feel like, we used to fly in the stone age when I go through some of my old photos.
We really have come a long way in technology.

Ivan Klugman
Integral Aviation Solutions Inc

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Gulfstream G-250

I was lucky enough to snap a few pictures of the all new Gulfstream 250 doing some test flying. Gulfstream expects it will be certified next year and deliveries to start by the end of the year. The G-250 promises to be a strong competitor in the mid-sized business jet category.

For the latest news […]