Aircraft Safety

Posting of FAA Safety Alert

Explicit Runway Crossing Procedure Change · Beginning June 30, 2010, controllers will be required to issue explicit instructions to cross or hold short of each runway that intersects a taxi route. · “Taxi to” will no longer be used when issuing taxi instructions to an assigned take-off runway. · Instructions Read more…

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Aircraft Completion

What’s WAAS !!!!

I’m going to try to explain WAAS without any ”Geek Speak”. This is a very simplified explanation for non-aviation professionals. WAAS :Wide Area Augmentation System is a means of enhancing conventional GPS accuracy to enable precision like approaches where no conventional ground based precession approach facilities exist. There are about 1500 Read more…

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Aircraft Management

Aviation: Legal v Safe

Those of us on the line side of flying or maintenance always here the following words from crew scheduling, maintenance control and our chief pilots. “It’s Legal” my response has always been but is it “safe”. Let’s take a look a the formal definitions of the terms courtesy of Merriam-Webster Read more…

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