Six Things You Should Know About Selling Your Aircraft

This is an excerpt from:
” A Guide to Sales Success in a Challenging Economy; Six Things You Should Know About Selling Your Aircraft”
that I contributed to. The entire guide is available for download at Taylor Greenwood Photography’s website.
Introduction – What sells a Private Jet or Helicopter?
An aircraft will sell itself, if it is […]

Gulfstream 650

Above are Gulfstream 650 exterior rendings by one of the IAS design team. The IAS team of “World Class” designers can help you with your Gulfstream 650.  We also have the operational expertise to  help  with selecting the options and negotiate the contract.  Prior to meeting your friendly Gulfstream sales person contact IAS ,we […]

The 1.3 million dollar Gulfstream III ??

I recently had a causal inquiry in regard to a Gulfstream III.  I personally have no issues with those wishing to preserve capital and purchase an older airframe.  In many cases in fact this can make economic sense.  During the course of my first conversation with this prospect, I learned he once soloed and […]

Integral Aviation Solutions Inc launches the “IAS Express” Learjet

Pre-owned Learjet can be converted into high performance, fuel sipping business tools for a fraction of the cost of a new aircraft. The “IAS Express” modification of Learjet 35/36 and 31 series aircraft increases speed, range and useful load while reducing operating costs. They can be operated out of small airports at higher altitudes […]

BBJs(Boeing 737) nose to nose in KEWR (Newark, New Jersey USA)

The BBJ’s are back in Town

You can now acquire A Boeing Business Jet without the previously required 3 to 5 year waiting period. Being an aviation consultant having extensive experience with the Boeing Business Jet also known as a Boeing 737. I keep my finger on the pulse of the BBJ market place and feel now […]

Integral Aviation Solutions offers cost effective aircraft management solutions for Business Jets and Helicopters

In response to today’s economic climate IAS is establishing a program of shared ownership of pre-owned Business Jets and Helicopters.  The market today allows us to acquire pre-owned aircraft and modernize them to the highest safety standards for as much as 70 percent less than that of a new aircraft.  We then assist the […]

Integral Aviation Solutions and Airbath Consulting form global alliance

Integral Aviation Solutions is pleased to announce a marketing agreement with Airbatch Consulting. Due to a downturn in the airline industry there are many former airliners available for sale. Corporations and private individuals can now have an aircraft without waiting years for a new one. Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier CRJ are luxurious, reliable and […]

Bombardier Challenger 604

Another wonderful design of Bill Lear the Challengers original name was the Learstar. Bomdardier renamed it the Challenger prior to the first delivery of the 600 series aircraft. The 604 started deliveries in 1996 when it replaced the Challenger 601 in the lineup. The Challenger 604 is a Super Mid Sized class aircraft with 4000 […]

Learjet 45 XR / Learjet 45

The development of the LJ45 was announced by Bombardier in September, 1992, and first flight of the prototype aircraft took place in 1995, with the first customer aircraft subsequently delivered in January, 1998.  The cockpit is equipped with a four-screen Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS avionics system. The aircraft is powered by two Honeywell TFE731-20 […]

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Selling your Aircraft in the business aviation recession??

Selling your Aircraft in the business aviation recession??
Inventory levels are now above 10 percent and we are officially in a buyer’s market.
Today an aircraft is taking an average of 213 days to sell of course many are taking longer. Aircraft can vary as much as 50% according to condition alone.
For example: a 10million dollar […]

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