Learjet Series Update


Learjet 31

The Learjet Model 31 is, arguably, the ultimate realization of the original Learjet series Essentially combining the fuselage and engines of the model 35/36 with the “Longhorn” wing of the 28, 29 and 50 models, results in performance which is equaled by few aircraft. Normal cruise altitudes range from 41,000 to 47,000 feet and […]

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Integral Aviation Solutions Inc launches the “IAS Express” Learjet

Pre-owned Learjet can be converted into high performance, fuel sipping business tools for a fraction of the cost of a new aircraft. The “IAS Express” modification of Learjet 35/36 and 31 series aircraft increases speed, range and useful load while reducing operating costs. They can be operated out of small airports at higher altitudes […]

IAS posts new : Aircraft Completion Project Management Scope of Service

Overall aircraft completion program management consists of monitoring the critical path schedule, participating in vendor and program reviews, and proactively identifying and solving major issues before they manifest themselves. Close attention is paid to quality, cost and schedule when dealing with any issue, including Change Orders.

Although each project is very different from start to […]

Learjet 55 to Learjet 60 look alike.

The IAS team has been watching the pre owned Jet market very carefully and has noticed a great buying opportunity. The Learjet 55 can be acquired at a very comfortable level and be put though a complete overhaul and modernization program to give it the same ramp appeal and interior comforts of a Learjet 60 […]

Learjet 45 XR / Learjet 45

The development of the LJ45 was announced by Bombardier in September, 1992, and first flight of the prototype aircraft took place in 1995, with the first customer aircraft subsequently delivered in January, 1998.  The cockpit is equipped with a four-screen Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS avionics system. The aircraft is powered by two Honeywell TFE731-20 […]

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Learjet 55

Learjet has been analogous to the business jet since the mid sixties. Bill Lear could be considered the father of the modern business jet. The midsized Learjet 55 produced in 1981 through 1990 has been a favorite with private individuals, corporations and air taxi operators. Its excellent performance was highlighted in 1983 when […]

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