Aircraft Completion

IAS conducts airliner due diligence

IAS is currently retained to manage an exciting program. We are going to purchase an airliner and place into VVIP service for our client.  This is what we call a from “Concept to Flight program”.  Above are some pictures of our team conducting the logbook and record review as part of the comprehensive due […]

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Classic Falcon 20 Instrument panel

I feel like, we used to fly in the stone age when I go through some of my old photos.
We really have come a long way in technology.

Ivan Klugman
Integral Aviation Solutions Inc

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Fuel Savings

I was asked to write an article for a leading European Aviation Magazine; This is a preview for my Blog follower:

Once upon a time men of steel flew their loud 3 hole jets fast and proud. We would takeoff pass through 10,000 feet roll the nose over accelerate to the barber pole and stay there […]

Gulfstream 650

Above are Gulfstream 650 exterior rendings by one of the IAS design team. The IAS team of “World Class” designers can help you with your Gulfstream 650.  We also have the operational expertise to  help  with selecting the options and negotiate the contract.  Prior to meeting your friendly Gulfstream sales person contact IAS ,we […]

Discovery Channels HD Theater “Worlds Most Expensive Rides” will featuring the Bombardier Global Express: Ivan Klugman on air; aviation consultant.

These  two clips are my parts. They left some of my best work behind on the cutting room floor as they say.

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Creating a “Flying Home”: By Capt. Ivan Klugman

Having been in the aviation industry for over 30 years as an aviation department manager, major airline captain, aircraft completion consultant and President of Integral Aviation Solutions Inc, I feel uniquely qualified to discuss the completion or conversion process of an airliner into a “Flying Home”. Long before Boeing was producing the Boeing Business […]

16g Seats save lives, All abroad are alive!!

This is an excerpt from an FAA fact sheet:
16G seats: In 1988, the FAA issued regulations requiring that all newly developed transport aircraft use “16g” seats. Using a test dummy, these seats undergo dynamic testing and evaluation regarding injury protection. Similar to automobile crash tests, the FAA tests are designed specifically for the […]

“Flying Home” Palm Beach Illustrated

Integral Aviation Solutions was featured in Palm Beach Illustrated this month. Please click on each picture or download PDF.

The 1.3 million dollar Gulfstream III ??

I recently had a causal inquiry in regard to a Gulfstream III.  I personally have no issues with those wishing to preserve capital and purchase an older airframe.  In many cases in fact this can make economic sense.  During the course of my first conversation with this prospect, I learned he once soloed and […]

Learjet 31

The Learjet Model 31 is, arguably, the ultimate realization of the original Learjet series Essentially combining the fuselage and engines of the model 35/36 with the “Longhorn” wing of the 28, 29 and 50 models, results in performance which is equaled by few aircraft. Normal cruise altitudes range from 41,000 to 47,000 feet and […]

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