The Boeing 737 entered service in 1963 it’s the most worlds popular airliner with about 6000 units in service. The BBJ program has delivered about 130 aircraft for the corporate market since 1998. The popularity and global acceptance of the Boeing make it an easy airplane to support due to the vast resources of the world’s airlines willing to maintain it at almost every commercial airport.

Some BBJ /Boeing 737 Stats: Cabin HUGE by corporate standards there are a few models available ranging in length from 79 to 98 feet long, width and height are all about the same at 7’1’ height and 11’7’ wide. Square footage is between 800 and 1000 square feet. The Boeing does not fly as high nor fast as some of its competitors but it’s so comfortable in the back does it really matter?  Range 5000 to 6000+ miles

IAS comments: If you desire a large cabin Head of State level aircraft and don’t have a need to go into a few of the smaller corporate airports the Boeing BBJ or Boeing 737 may fit your needs. It’s a luxurious, reliable and safe aircraft. There are a few ways to acquire a BBJ/ Boeing 737:   purchase a new one from Boeing, buy a pre owned BBJ or the most cost effective manner is to acquire a Boeing 737 airliner and convert it for corporate service for a fraction of the cost of a new BBJ.  Having flown the Boeing around the world for thousands of hours, I can say from firsthand experience that it’s a straight forward aircraft, reliable and safe. Even the most demanding owners can have all the amenities they desire in the cabin of the BBJ/ Boeing 737.

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Ivan Klugman