Another wonderful design of Bill Lear the Challengers original name was the Learstar. Bomdardier renamed it the Challenger prior to the first delivery of the 600 series aircraft. The 604 started deliveries in 1996 when it replaced the Challenger 601 in the lineup. The Challenger 604 is a Super Mid Sized class aircraft with 4000 nm range. It has the widest body in its class and makes those longer flights very comfortable.

Cabin: Length 28’5”, Height 6’1” width 8’2’. Link to Challenger tech Specs

There have been 366; Challenger 604’s produced of which 46 are available at amazing prices.

IAS comments: The 604 is a great Super Mid Sized jet which can be acquired at bargain price levels. The Challenger 604 will please it owner with modern comforts and reasonable operating costs.

Ivan Klugman