Sikorsky S-92

Designed in the early 1990’s and first flown in 1998 Sikorsky finally put enough horsepower into a civil aircraft for my liking. The S-92A is the civilian variant and is available in a number of versions. The civil transport version has an airliner-type interior which comfortably seats 19 passengers in a 20 ft long, 6 ft high and 6 ft 7 in wide standup cabin. The utility transport version has 22 side-facing seats in a large, stand-up cabin with a full cabin width rear ramp. The 733 ft³ interior cabin area can also be configured to accommodate up to three airline-style cargo container.

Capacity: 19 passengers

Empty weight: 16,600 lb

Loaded weight: 26,500 lb

Max Take Off wieght: 28,300 lb

Max Speed: 165 knots

Cruise: 151 knots,

Range: 800 nm

Some fun video from Sikorsky


IAS comments: Sikorsky has given us a great platform to work with: a large cabin and plenty of useful load. We will be able to create the ultimate in Luxury Corporate Helicopter transportation. This is truly a “Head of State Aircraft”. The interior above was designed by our own in house designer “Manny”

Ivan Klugman