Aircraft acquisitions can be an overwhelming experience for even the most veteran jetter. When you hire Aviation Asset Advisors, you get the industry insiders with over 120 years collective experience in the business on your side. We broker deals to help you acquire the best product on the market that will give you the highest return on investment, while meeting your every flying need.
Aviation Asset Advisors makes your procurement of an aircraft a seamless experience. From identifying your needs to addressing every concern throughout the acquisition process, we ensure a hassle-free experience for you.

Whether you are investing in a fleet or a single jet,we will be there at all phases of the process—from attending the aircraft acceptance inspection, to participating in test flights, to assisting you in all phases of putting your aircraft into service.
As international leaders in high-end aviation acquisitions, we have exported aircraft to many countries and are familiar with the special requirements needed for export.

From Needs Assessment to Ensuring Your Aircraft is Flight-Ready:


We will conduct a Needs Assessment and determine which category of aircraft is suitable for your current and future needs.


We will give you an overview of the market today in regards to new aircraft back-logging and pre-owned availability.


We will do extensive research on suitable models for you and present a few choices, as well as an idea of availability. We will provide you with detailed report on operating cost, capabilities etc. and once a model has been chosen, there are two courses of action for us to take depending on whether you are going to acquire a new or pre-owned aircraft.


If we are searching for a pre-owned aircraft we will go investigate what is available, screen the aircrafts, and provide you with the best choices. After you have decided, we will manage the entire process and have a member of our team present during the pre-purchase inspection. We will do final negotiations with the seller, and present them to you with our recommendations.
New aircraft acquisitionsrequire contract negotiations with the manufacturer and completion. Being familiar with these contracts we are able to negotiate favorable terms for our clients. We will assist in all phases of the purchase, avionics selection, design, and completion process. Our completion project management service delivers a consistently excellent product.


Pre-owned aircraft acquisitions, many times, require some mechanical work, new paint, and interior. Our team has taken many aircrafts through this process. For your safety, to control costs and to assure the work gets done to our high standards, a team member will be there at all times.

Overseeing Your Critical Acquisition Phases:

Airworthiness Directive

  • All AD’s reviewed for full compliance
  • Only Original Documentation accepted (Dirty Fingerprint documents)
  • All components reviewed with Maintenance Manual and Illustrated Parts Catalog to ensure that only approved components are installed

Avionic Units

All units reviewed for correct installations and modifications for the current configuration of aircraft.

Hard Time Components

  • All components reviewed for compatibility with aircraft by research with Maintenance Manual and IPC
  • All Components reviewed for Source (8130’s)
  • All components reviewed for life usage

On Condition / Condition Monitored Components

  • All components reviewed for compatibility with aircraft by research with Maintenance Manual and IPC
  • All Components reviewed for Source. (8130’s)
  • All components reviewed for life usage

Technical Logs

Review of all Flight and Technical logs for minimum 24 months

Maintenance Checks

Last complete cycle of Maintenance checks (“A”, “B”, “C”, and “D”).

Periodic and Out of Phase checks

Last complete cycle of checks

Major Modifications

Review for compliance and compatibility of Modifications for Airworthiness to Aircraft.

Structural Repairs

Review for compliance and compatibility of repairs for Airworthiness to Aircraft.

Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’S)

Review for compliance and compatibility of STC’s for Airworthiness to Aircraft.