Safety Reviews on behalf of non-aviation Clients

Do you have need to use an Aircraft Operator – fixed wing or rotary wing, on-shore or offshore?

Aviation Asset Advisors conducts Operational and Technical Safety Reviews internationally on behalf of Clients such as oil and mining companies and VIP clients requiring the use of aviation service providers.

The OGP Aviation Sub-committee Aviation Management Guidelines, the Air Transportation – Recommended Practices for Contracted Air Operations and Flight Safety Foundation BARS standards are used as a base line standard and enhanced as required by the Client or Aviation Asset Advisors in accordance with best practice.

Regional airlines, corporate jet, on-shore and off-shore helicopter and geological survey operators have all been reviewed by our Aviation Advisors experts in recent years in Central,North and South America, Asia, Europe and all over North Africa.

If you require peace of mind before you contract an air operator, call Aviation Asset Advisors to conduct an assessment of your potential air service provider.