IAS will see that your custom aircraft exceeds your expectations in safety, comfort, design, performance, and long-term value.
Our program management process includes monitoring the critical path schedule, participating in vendor and program reviews, and proactively identifying and solving major issues before they manifest. We pay close attention to quality, cost, and schedule when dealing with any issue, including change orders.
Our commitment to our client starts in the design phase. We negotiate and control costs throughout the entire project.

Here are a few of the key items we perform or supervise during the process:

  • Input and coordinate during the initial design phase for cabin layout, cockpit avionics placement, and paint.
    Recommend updates, modification, inspections, and equipment installations.
  • Coordinate with the client, the client’s designer and the center’s design group to ensure that your expectations are clearly understood and implemented.
  • Participate in the Critical Design Reviews to ensure that the installation and assembly drawings reflect the requirements specified in the approved layout packages. Provide recommendations in any engineering/design and mechanical conflicts. Participate in the Component Accessibility Review to ensure that accessibility is built into the components in the initial engineering phase.
  • Conduct a “Green” airframe acceptance inspection and report our findings to the client. This includes a review of functional test results. We will perform detailed inspections on the airframe, engine, components and accessories to identify any undocumented damage, problems or future concerns. A thorough document review will be conducted to detect any possible discrepancies on major part changes, serial number listings, modification status, flight test and production test data.
  • Participate in all pressurization tests, gear swings and test flights.
  • Monitor the milestone schedule provided by the center and highlight any potential problem areas to both the client and the Completion Center for quick resolution.
  • Representatives will be present to observe and make decisions while work is being accomplished on the aircraft. We will ensure the completion center complies with the terms and conditions outlined in the Purchase Agreement.
  • Participate in all reviews of cabinets, seats and major installations and identify any deficiencies early in the program to ensure timely corrective action. Maintain an active log of all discrepancies or deviations detected.
  • Maintain an active documented record of all open items and issues and highlight any potential problem areas. Follow up on all issues. During the interior completion process, we will monitor all technical aspects of the aircraft including production drawings, airframe/engine/system build quality, defects, ground and flight test results, serialized component list, certification documentation, Service Bulletin incorporation and product improvements.
  • Maintain records during the process to reconcile the final bill from the completion center. Photograph the component installations for future reference.
  • Provide a continuous flow of communications and information of activities to the client.
  • Participate in all Program or Status Reviews with the Center. This review is typically scheduled every three weeks and will review all open items identified by Aviation Asset Advisors and the Completion Center.
  • Review and monitor the quality of the interior completion installations (to include soft goods design, construction and fit) to ensure that the Aircraft complies with the Specification and drawing package, from an Interior Completion perspective. Assure that all work is done to our standard of Excellence well beyond FAA minimums.
  • Monitor discrepancy lists, changes, modifications and recommend fixes associated with the interior completion.
  • Conduct fully functional tests of all aircraft and avionics systems with the manufacturer’s test pilot. Conduct multiple approaches of all types to assure all flight deck systems are fully functional. Cold soak flights to detect any abnormalities associated with the interior completion and ensure that the interior completion conforms to the Specification in flight .We will assure that all cabin systems are fully functional so that there are no embarrassing moments on the inaugural flight.
  • Conduct a pre delivery trace ability report, finial airworthiness review and log book preparation. During final acceptance, a final review of all documents including the AFM, component handbooks, warranty paperwork and passenger briefing cards will be conducted.
  • Conformity of placards, circuit breaker layouts, switch panels, etc. will be assured. We will also conduct a detailed inspection of all loose equipment and spares. We will assure weight and balance data is in order as well as system for the pilots to assure compliance.
  • Participate in the delivery and acceptance of the aircraft. Coordinate all “Delivery Documentation” and entry into service.