In the late 1990s, Cessna saw the need for a high-performance jet midway between the Excel/XLS size and the Citation X. The result was the Model 680 Citation Sovereign, powered by two PW360c engines. It uses the Honeywell Primus Epic glass cockpit avionics suite, coupled with dual Honeywell FMZ2000 FMS units. Its claim to fame is that it can take off and land in short distances. The Sovereign seats eight passengers in a typical cabin configuration, with a maximum high-density capacity of 12, in addition to the crew of two.FAA certification awarded in June, 2004. Customer deliveries began later that year.

Empty weight: 17,700 lbs

Useful load: 12,430 lb

Max Take off: 30,300 lb

Powerplant: 2× PWC 360C 5686 lbs

Range: 2,847 nm (5,273 km)

Service Ceiling: 47,000 ft

IAS Comments: I started looking a Cessna Citation Sovereign when chatting with an operator that said he is planning on replacing a Hawker with the Sovereign.  I was a little surprised at first then I looked at the price and performance.  I realized that other aircraft with the same range are more costly and the Sovereign fit his needs and budget nicely.

Ivan Klugman