If you desire a large cabin “Head of State” level aircraft custom made to fit your needs. Bombardier CRJ, Embraer EJR, Boeing and Airbus is luxurious, reliable and safe aircraft. There are a two ways to acquire a corporate airliner: purchase a new one from the manufacturer (long waiting list) or the most cost effective manner is to acquire an airliner and convert it for corporate service for a fraction of the cost of a new one. These aircraft can meet the requirements of many mission profiles: “Head of State” luxury transport, corporate shuttle, personal luxury transport and sports team transport. IAS can help you acquire an aircraft, design the interior and place it through the completion process. We are committed to providing an aircraft that is safe, reliable and will retain its value for the years to come.

The IAS team has years of operational and maintenance experience with Head of State aircraft and corporate airliners. Our aircraft completion oversight team has worked globally and can make bringing aircraft across borders a seamless process. Whether you are acquiring an aircraft that is new to you, modernizing or doing a heavy maintenance check the IAS team can be on your side to see that you are getting a good return on your investment and a safe aircraft.

Ivan Klugman