The IAS team has been watching the pre owned Jet market very carefully and has noticed a great buying opportunity. The Learjet 55 can be acquired at a very comfortable level and be put though a complete overhaul and modernization program to give it the same ramp appeal and interior comforts of a Learjet 60 for about one third the costs.


Learjet has been analogous to the business jet since the mid sixties. The midsized Learjet 55 produced in 1981 through 1990 has been a favorite with private individuals, corporations and air taxi operators. The reason it’s been so popular is because of its excellent dispatch reliability and low operational costs. 


 The Learjet 55 is a great value for businesses today that have travel needs and don’t want to outlay a large amount of capital. The Learjet is a time saving machine that will keep both the CEO and the CFO happy.


If you don’t fly enough to own your own aircraft perhaps some neighboring companies want to share a Jet.

IAS now offers full ownership and fractional management services.

Have the team that’s been chosen to operate aircraft for private individuals, corporations, celebrities, billionaires and even celebrity billionaires for over 25 years operate your aircraft.


Ivan Klugman    www.inavsol.com