Gulfstream introduced the GIV in 1986 a re-engined, slightly larger, longer range and quieter Big Bother to the GIII. The GIV instantly assumed the flagship position for Gulfstream and the owners who purchased one.   The Gulfstream has the well deserved reputation of the Rolls Royce of business Jets. Speaking of RR the GIV is powered by the RR Tay engine. In 1993 the GIV SP version rolled out increasing some weight limitations allowing the aircraft to carry more passengers with a full load of fuel. The Gulfstream stood unchallenged as the King of the corporate fleet until 1999 when Bombardier introduced the Global Express.

There have been about 500 GIV ‘s produced of which about 80 on the market today with a prices starting at 12 million. The GIV is one of the best values in an intercontinental jet.

For those of you who like numbers here are a few approximate ones please verify these for the exact serial number aircraft you are interested in. Cabin ht:6.2ft, wth:7.3 ft, lgth: 45 ft.  Range 4200mn

IAS comments: the GIV is a fine aircraft that will meet the needs of many with intercontinental range, long cabin, great product support, reasonable acquisition cost and high residual value. With proper due diligence it’s hard to go wrong with a GIV even if you decide 6 months after your purchase you want something else you will most likely  be able to market it for a gain.

Ivan Klugman