Pre-owned Learjet can be converted into high performance, fuel sipping business tools for a fraction of the cost of a new aircraft. The “IAS Express” modification of Learjet 35/36 and 31 series aircraft increases speed, range and useful load while reducing operating costs. They can be operated out of small airports at higher altitudes to more distant destinations than standard Learjets.
IAS will be happy to convert your own Learjet or acquire one for you.

The “IAS Express” modifications include some of the following:
Cockpit Modernization
Cabin refurbishment
Empty weight reduction program by IAS
Engine upgrades
ZR lite system by Raisbeck
R/X modifications: fins and tanks by Avcon
Aircraft are delivered with fresh inspections, paint and interior.

Each aircraft is evaluated by our staff and modifications are prescribed to maximize performance keeping in mind your ROI.

Ivan Klugman