A sports team’s talent is their most precious asset. These days airlines are going bankrupt and losing money. Does it make sense to entrust this asset to a for profit company whose primary concern is mere survival?

The shrinkage in the airline industry has placed many former airliners on the market. These aircraft can be acquired, refurbished to your specifications and operated cost effectively by the team.

I’m familiar with the diminished level of service that your teams are currently receiving. Most major corporations own and operate their aircraft to ensure the safety, security and privacy of their most valued talent. As the representative for  your team should you not being doing the same for them?

I have assembled a team of highly qualified professional in all disciplines of aviation to assist clients thought-out the process of transitioning form a charter customer to aircraft owner . We also offer several levels of program management to fit the specific teams needs. Our services include; acquisition, completion, design, engineering, maintenance supervision, flight department organization and program management. In essence there is only one call to make to become an aircraft owning team “Hassle Free”.

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