Ivan in front of a SUPER PUMA 1987

Aerospatiale Super Puma first flown in1978 has proved immensely successful, chosen by 37 military forces around the world, 1,000 civil operators and many “Heads of State”. The Super Puma has proved especially well-suited to the oil industry, where it is used to ferry personnel and equipment to and from oil platforms. In civilian configuration it can seat approximately 18 passengers in high density and 10 in Luxury VIP transport configuration.

Capacity: 24

Empty weight: 4,460 kg (9,812 lb)

Max Takeoff weight: 8,600 kg (18,940 lb)

Power plant: 2×Turbomeca Makila 1a1 turboshafts 1,819 shp

Max Speed: 174 mph

Range: 541

Link to technical data from Eurocopter : http://www.eurocopterusa.com/

IAS comments: As you can see from the picture above I have a bit of a history working with the Super Puma.

Both Bob and I flew a very nice corporate Super Puma in New York City. We were involved in the acquisition and completion of the aircraft as well. It is by far my personal favorite helicopter as well as one of the safest in the world. The Puma’s quite cabin, APU and lavatory make it a true “Head of State” helicopter.

Ivan Klugman