This is the Latest and Greatest from our friends at Falcon Jet ultra long range with a bit of a micro cabin The7x has the smallest cabin in the 6000nm class aircraft however life in the business jet market is all about tradeoffs. The Falcon does have great field performance and advertises low operational costs. The cockpit looks like the Starship Enterprise 4 or 5 it’s certainly more advanced than the first couple. Being a B777 pilot I’m familiar with fly by wire and the handling qualities should be fantastic. I’m a little concerned about the Honeywell Easy displays, Falcon touts they were designed by fighter pilots perhaps they should have consulted a corporate pilot, the screens at times seem cluttered and display too much information. Yes there can be too much information, the Global Vision system based on the Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion avionics appears much cleaner system.

Some specs: Cabin 6’4”, height 7’8” length 39’. Range about 6000nm

The 7X is in high demand.

IAS comments: the Falcon 7 x is a pilot pleaser as all Falcons have been. It has the ability to fly 6000nm from a rather short field that may make the only aircraft for some. There seem to be a few slots on the market due to current conditions and these may prove to be a great opportunity for entre into service or investment.

Ivan Klugman

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