Bombardier introduced the Global Express in 1999 it’s a large Cabin and ultra long range business jet. Capable of going between most of the worlds cities non stop. Powered by Rolls Royce engines with a modern airframe it’s giving Gulfstream a run for the title of king of the corporate fleet. Choosing  between Gulfstream and Global is like choosing between BMW and MB. They are both excellent aircraft aircraft.

Some Global Express numbers: Cabin 6’3′” height, 8’3″ wide and 48′ long. Range 6200 NM

Link to Technical specs. from Bombardier

There were 160 Global Express produced of which 12 are on the market. Priced between 44 and 58 million.  Pricing update:Sept 09: Global prices have fallen and starting prices are in the high twenties and new aircraft are available….

IAS comments: The Global Express has the largest volume cabin of the  business jets and excellent range.  There is a strong demand for the Global Express and in fact a 9 year old Global is trading for about the same price as it sold for new. The Global Express is a modern, safe and reliable aircraft.

Ivan Klugman