Learjet has been analogous to the business jet since the mid sixties. Bill Lear could be considered the father of the modern business jet. The midsized Learjet 55 produced in 1981 through 1990 has been a favorite with private individuals, corporations and air taxi operators. Its excellent performance was highlighted in 1983 when it set six “time to climb” records for its class.

Some stats for the Learjet 55 are: cabin height 5’9”, width 5’10” length 16’10”

and range 2200 miles.

IAS comments: The Learjet 55 ‘s excellent performance, reliability and low operational costs have made it a desirable aircraft to all. The Learjet 55 is a great aircraft to get your feet wet in the business aviation without a large investment. One of Bob’s favorite projects is to totally refurbish a Learjet 55 and produce a “like new” aircraft for under 4 million dollars with the ramp appeal of a 15 million dollar Learjet 60.

Ivan Klugman